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We offer a full range of spa and grooming services.
Tailored to your individual dog's requirements,
ensuring quality and low-stress experience 


cavapoo grooming

Please allow 2 hours for first appointments, on average services usually take 1 to 2 hours depending on coat type and behavior.

Pricing may vary due to size and coat condition or if any additional treatments are required, please contact us for your dog's individual quote.

Full Groom

A full groom includes the following

  • Health check, Behaviour and Style consultation

  • Nails Clipped and then buffed smooth

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Blueberry facial with minty breath freshener 

  • Shampoo & condition specifically tailored to each dog using natural based shampoos​

  • Hand styling fluff dry

  • Styling scissor&clip /de-shedding/tidy as required​

  • Groom feedback & aftercare advice



For pooches that  just need a nail appointment
( Nails trimmed and dremeled smooth for shortest possible cut)



Additional treatments

Glands             £5
For pooches that struggle naturally emptying their glands naturally.

Dematting           £5-30
When the coat has tangled to the point of felting, additional work will have to be done to save areas of coat or to shave under pelting to  relieve your dog skin.
Matting can be avoided by a regular grooming schedule.

Ear Plucking  £5
For extensive ear plucking to clear ear canal, minor is otherwise included in a full groom.

Teeth maintenance
Cleany teeth system to prevent build up of tartar and improve gum health 

Parasite removal
please ensure your dog is free from parasites before booking your groom, these can be treated via a prescribed medicine from your vet.

for minor burdens there is a £15 removal charge.
However for heavy infestations the groom would have to be terminated and a £30 charge to cover call out

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